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The Lavana, Best Villa Management in Bali

The Lavana, Best Villa Management in Bali

When talking about the Best Villa Management in Bali, you might also have to think about the tourism. Bali is a timeless destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. No wonder the growth of tourist accommodations, such as hotels and villas, is increasing rapidly every day. It also makes the keyword search for the ‘Best Villa Management in Bali’ follows along with the growth number for hotel and villa.



What is The Lavana?


The Lavana is the answer for those looking for the best villa management in Bali. Departing as a startup tech company that also participates in advancing digital tourism, this company started its movement in 2015 under the auspices of PT. Commeasure Solutions Indonesia.


It is noted that until September 2022, PT. Commeasure Solutions Indonesia has collaborated with more than 4,000 tourism accommodations, in which The Lavana is one of its sub-brands.


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The Best Villa Management in Bali.


Why does The Lavana have the title of Best Villa Management in Bali? It’s simple. Facing the era of the pandemic wave, which paralyzed 90% of the tourism sector in the world, The Lavana precisely exists amid society by offering various high-end accommodation options for tourists and various partnership programs for hotel and villa accommodation owners.


What are the Benefits of Joining The Lavana?

  • The Best Villa Management in Bali with High Dedication.

  1. 24 Hours Partner Support.
  2. Standardized Service.
  • Improved More Income.

  1. Supported by high technology, revenue management will go hand in hand with increasing occupancy rates.
  2. Reducing operational costs by utilizing technology to support cost efficiency.
  • Transparent System

  1. Villa owners can monitor the flow of income through a transparent technology system that can be accessed anywhere.
  2. Recognize the characteristics of the guests through order details that can be accessed through the technology system.
  • Extensive Marketing

  1. As the Best Villa Management in Bali, apart from collaborating with online and offline travel agents, The Lavana also has applications with more than 5M customer downloaders on the Play Store.
  2. Online and offline sales channels with sales agents all over Southeast Asia.


How to Register for the Best Villa Management in Bali, The Lavana.


The Lavana offers various partnership schemes as the Best Villa Management in Bali, including Management Agreements, Profit Sharing, and various other partnership schemes that will financially give advantages to Bali’s hotel and villa accommodation owners.


For further information, please contact:

Gilang Krishna

PT. Commeasure Solutions Indonesia (The Lavana)

+62 8 212121 6670

Or you can also click here.


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Villa Aurora By The Lavana on YouTube Channel.

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